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Iris and Lark is a high-quality, handmade accessories company that makes items for women, youth and babies. Our products cater to the vintage-gone-modern soul.

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Turban Headwraps


Bib Scarves

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Our Story

We are Iris and Lark and our motto is “Threads with Heart for Every Soul”, which means that we make quality, handmade products for everyone. We kicked off our first accessories line in September 2015 and we are continuing to expand and grow.

In February of 2015, we delivered our beautiful baby girl, Mia Grace. Shortly after her delivery, we started visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis and noticed that Mia's head was not forming the way that it should have been. We discovered that in order to help Mia's head form properly, we would have to stop putting elastic hair accessories on her head. After months of research, we learned that placing elastic headbands or hair accessories on infants can actually lead to misshapen skull development. Though it seemed like a simple task, we quickly found out that all of the infant and toddler accessories were either elastic or tight fitting headbands, so we decided to make our own, safe headbands.

And just like that, Iris and Lark was born. Click here to read the rest of our story!

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